Never give up learning


In this section you will find a series of practical and ready-to-use materials to prepare and facilitate workshops for youth workers that will develop their capacity to design, resource, facilitate media and arts themed workshops for young people in their home countries. These materials were used and improved during a 3week training of youth workers in Wolverhampton, UK (June 2017).

The sequence and content of the workshop sessions, is a process of acquiring and practicing skills to:

  • Facilitate a youth group
  • Design a workshop
  • Support youths to plan their own development
  • Make a programme for radio or podcast
  • Use recording equipment for voice recording
  • Engage young people through music
  • Make and manipulate photographic images
  • Use drama convey messages
  • Use drama as a tool to develop self-awareness
  • Design of your own workshops
  • Action and development planning

The Workshop Outcome

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to design media and/or theatre themed workshops for youth groups and be skilled to facilitate the group. They will also have developed their own Individual Development Plan and kept a log of their activities. The recording of learning and the development of practical skills may be used as evidence for ECVET certification

 Workshop hours

This programme is constructed around full working days by the participants. i.e. six hours of guided learning for fifteen days.

Workshop Programme

1)  Day 1 Understanding Facilitation Skills:  download
2)  Day 2 Facilitation Skills:  download
3)  Day 3 Workshop Planning:  download
4)  Day 4 What Radio Means to me:  download
5)  Day 5 Radio Programme-making Intro:  download
6)  Day 6 Exploring Drama Games:  download
7)  Day 7 Designing a Drama Games Session:  download
8)  Day 8 SP Photography and Images:  download
9)  Day 9 SP Music and Technology:  download
10) Day 10 SP Leading Drama Games:  download
11) Day 11 Radio Programme-making 1:  download
12) Day 12 SP Programme-making 2:  download
13) Day 13 Individual Development Planning:  download
14) Day 14 Workshop and Action Planning:  download
15) Day 15 SP My Workshop Plan:  download

16) Individual Development Plan:  download
17) My Action Plan:  download
18) My Workshop Plan:  download