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Question #1: Who is youth worker?

Question #2: Youth workers work with young people:

Question #3: Among other skills youth workers must have this particular skill:

Question #4: Youths in Croatia belong to the following age group:

Question #5: Average age of youth workers in Croatia is:

Question #6: Youth workers are usually:

Question #7: Out of all youth workers the percentage of female young workers is:

Question #8: In which of the stated countries does a youth worker have clear formal qualification:

Question #9: A typical youth worker has usually graduated in the following fields:

Question #10: The UK distinguishes between:

Question #11: The EU promotes youth work in cooperation with the states through:

Question #12: Which of the following programmes for NEETS is systematically implemented in Croatia?

Question #13: The greatest number of NEETs with finished secondary vocational education come from:

Question #14: Youth workers can strengthen and acquire new competencies by finding available trainings and seminars on the platform:

Question #15: Youth pass is a document which is needed: