photogalery pilot workshops

Never give up learning

Here you can find a short information about the local workshops that were piloted by all participants of 3week training programme in Wolverhampton. First the youth workers from the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary received a practical training in Wolverhampton in facilitation skills and use of creative methods such as drama, music, radio and photography. As a result of the 3week training programme they developed their own workshop plans for local pilots. After their return home they prepared and implemented pilot workshops based on use of creative methods learnt in UK. The target groups of the local workshops were mainly youngsters aged 15-22 years. A specific focus was put on active involvement of NEETs (young people not in education, employment or training).



Warm-up games (Simona, Czech Republic)

Drama workshop (Anna, Czech Republic)

Music workshop (Patrik, Czech Republic)

English drama workshop (Klaudia, Hungary)

Comic opera workshop (David, Hungary)

The society and ourselves workshop (Nora, Hungary)

Image manipulation by Photoshop (David, Croatia)

Organize fund-raising event (Neven, Croatia)

Drawing workshop (Stela, Croatia)